Wednesday, March 23, 2011

About Today: Learn a New Craft 3/3/11

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
If you spend any time with kids, you'll notice that they're always creating art. (And artsy messes, which is sometimes the same thing.) As we get older, we tend to stop making stuff, which is too bad.

Celebrate National Craft Month
This month is the time to change all that, though. It's National Craft Month, which is a chance for us to get crafty and learn some new things.
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Is Crochet the Right Craft for You?
The other day, I saw a guy crocheting on the train. I didn't ask him if it was in honor of National Craft Month, because I didn't want to seem like I had commuting boundary issues, but I think we can assume.
Rubber Stamping for Complete Beginners
Rubber stamping was one of my favorite craft activities from childhood. It wasn't one of my Mom's. Something about me redecorating her handbag.
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Learn a Craft: Make Paper Jewelry
The best kind of craft is something you can wear afterward. Then, when you get compliments on it, you get a chance to brag about your skills.

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