Monday, March 28, 2011

About Today:: Myths of Women's History 3/7/11

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
When I was a girl, I knew several things for sure about women's history: Women who wanted the vote called themselves suffragettes, feminists in the '60s burned their bras, and by the 1980s, inequality was pretty much all over and things were totally fair. Needless to say, I was wrong about all of it.

Myths of Women's History 
March is Women's History Month, a great time to learn the truth about your favorite historical figures. (This piece covers everyone from Pope Joan to Jane Fonda.)
Why Is March Women's History Month? 
Again, whenever it's the Month of Whatever, the question is: Why this month, instead of last month or three months from now?
Women Who Changed the World in the 21st Century 
It's been a pretty busy decade so far. These are the women who've shaped the past decade.
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Biographies of Famous Women 
Hundreds of bios of famous women, from A (Magdalena Abakanowicz) to Z (Zenobia.)
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