Tuesday, March 29, 2011

About Today: Why Does Daylight Saving Time Exist? 3/11/11

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
Daylight Saving Time is upon us again, which means that there's at least a fifty-fifty chance that I'll be late to work on Monday. Even more likely: That I will spend at least part of my weekend debating the missing "s" on "Saving." As you can see, I'm very busy.

When Is Daylight Saving Time? 

What is Daylight Saving Time and when does it start? And while we're on the subject, is it "saving" or "savings" and why? And is the confusion over the spelling further proof that the time change has it in for us?

Why Do We Have Daylight Saving Time? 
When I was a kid, I thought my Dad invented Daylight Saving Time as a super-fun game to play twice a year. I was confused as to why he wouldn't change the clocks around for my convenience at other times of the year.

Daylight Saving Time vs. the World 
Or: How Daylight Saving Time has confused us and messed up our schedule over the years.
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Daylight Saving: Hazardous to Your Health? 
File this under "fun things to worry about, but not too much." (Great tips onsleep hygiene, though, especially if you're one of those folks who don't need a time change to have trouble getting to sleep.)

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