Wednesday, March 30, 2011

About Today: How to Report a Bully on Facebook 3/24/11

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
When I was a kid, it was easier to avoid bullies - you could pretty much just hide in your house or a convenient Dumpster. It wasn't an ideal solution, of course, and eventually, you'd have to go to school. But at least, when you were home, you were safe. Now? Not so much.

How to Use the Facebook Bullying Report Tool 

That's because bullies can harass kids online, via Facebook or any number of social networking sites. (Some of which we're probably not cool enough to know about yet.)
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How Common Is Cyberbullying? 
Cyberbullying encompasses harassment through chat rooms, instant messages, website comments, and distribution of embarrassing photos. And it's probably more common than you think.
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Facebook Do's and Don'ts for Teens 
Here's the most important "don't," for everyone as well as just for teens: "Don't leave the default Facebook privacy settings as set."

Dealing With Bullies 
Here's the cheeriest statistic so far: "56 percent of tweens who observed a child being bullied said that they usually try to stop the bullying or report it to an adult."
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