Monday, March 14, 2011

God's Plan of Salvation:: Lesson 1: Premortal Existence 3/14/11

From Rachel Bruner, your Guide to Latter-day Saints
Welcome to the Plan of Salvation email course! Each week, for eight weeks, you will receive a lesson on God's Plan of Salvation. This week's lesson is about the Premortal Existence. This is important because this first article explains the answers to where we lived before we were born.

Where We Lived Before Birth

Premortal Existence 
Before we were born we lived as spirits in a place called the Premortal Existence (or heaven) with our Heavenly Father, who is God. God presented to us his Plan of Salvation, a Savior was chosen, and Satan rebelled.

Additional Plan of Salvation Resources

Definition of Plan of Salvation 
A definition of the term Plan of Salvation including alternate names for God's plan.

Poll: Do you believe we lived before birth? 
What do you believe? Share your thoughts with us in this poll!

God's Plan of Salvation Visual Map 
At any time during this course you can visit the Plan of Salvation map to see a visual display of each part of God's plan. There are two different charts that might help you better understand the visual layout of God's Plan. You can also visit this page if you would like to read any of the lessons in advance.

God's Plan of Salvation or Redemption 
When you're finished reading these articles you might also like to visit this site to read several scriptures about each aspect of God's plan.

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