Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Restaurant Review:: Olive Garden American Fork Main Street 3/4/11

Weather your Italian or not, I would have to say that Olive Garden is a great place to go and enjoy some tasty pasta.  My husband and I got a push to try out the Olive Garden in American Fork Utah.  Now we already like this restaurant and didn't feel a great need to review it.  It was already a family favorite because of all the salad and breadsticks we can eat.  Granted we had a hard time getting in and my husbands blood level wasn't that great so we had to step out of line and get something before my husband fell over.  Luckily we got him a plain hamburger from In & Out and went back for another try.  Me being funny about things happening for a reason, I was already thinking that this was a bad sign.

When we got back we were able to go straight in.  "YAHOOOO!!" When we were seated we got a table, but I am not a big fan of tables.  I mustered up the courage and asked the hostess for a booth, she gave me a look that worried me, but to my wonderful delight they were able to accommodate.  Upon getting to the booth we were all ready for a feast.  I mean, breadsticks be damned!!!  We sat down and were ready to order, no menus needed then a lady came by and introduced herself as the manager and wished us a good time.

Our waiter was named David S. and he greeted us with such elation and a big grin.  I am so glad, cause I get some waiters that just seem like, "I sure hate being here and I really don't want to get your order but give it to me anyways" or "I'm super funny and am going to say awkward things thru out the evening!" Well this server was not in anyway rude or weird.  He just seem generality happy to be working that evening.  He actually made us feel unrushed or unpressured.  Gave us plenty of time to eat our appetizers, breadsticks and salad.

My husband always surprises me and orders things that I wouldn't think of.  Like tonight, we got Smoked Mozzerella Fondu $7.35.

and a Dipping Alfredo Sauce for our breadsticks $2.95  

WOW!!! I tried the Fondu with the bread they supply with it and I wanted to melt.  The first bite I was taken back a bit.  I would have to say that my taste buds were just adjusting.  When I took the second bite, I felt the spices mixed in and feel the burn in my mouth.  This truly was a good find... If you go give it a try.

For our dinner choices I ordered my favorite Chicken Alfredo $13.75, my husband got the Mixed Grill $15.95, and a Kids Fettuccine Alfredo $4.75.

Chicken Alfredo

Mixed Grill

Child Fettuccine Alfredo

Of course we all have to share our meals with each other, and boast about how good ours were.  Upon taking a bite of the Mixed Grill I was in steak heaven.  The meat was so savory and juicy I was swimming in a perfect blend of seasoning and oils.  My husband seemed to think so as well since that was the only  bite I was allowed.  My daughter had equal things to say about her meal.  I thought this was funny cause she always gets the same thing.  ALWAYS!!!  Well, her own critics voice appeared.  She started to state that it was "the best I ever had" and at one point she interrupted our conversation to say... "WOW! This is so Good!"  She swore up and down that it was made different than the other Olive Gardens and it was very tasty.  On my meal I must agree, the Chicken Alfredo was made different.  Like Chief Olive Garden came to the location and made the dish himself.  All and all this was a wonderful evening.  The food was good, service was excellent, and the decor was very elegant.  I would recommend this location in American Fork Utah one of the best around. 

Five Dinos


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