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Restaurant Review:: Rodizio Grill American Fork near Cinemark Theaters 3/12/11

I always have a tough time with how to start my reviews.  Where to begin??  Either the food, service or the ambiance.  I think I’ll start with when I first walked in.  I didn’t realize that you don’t get a menu.  The menu charges are based on Lunch or Dinner, Adult or Child.  In some ways this was a very nice change.  How many of us get menus in hand and get a nervous chill up our spines?  “Oh no! What do I order?”  When I get a menu I get nervous and scared that I might order something that is cooked with mystery ingredients.  My worst fear is finding out that I ate snake or ostrich.  Well to my wonderfull delight, this was not the case.  In fact you get the meat brought to you by the servers and they rotate around all over the restaurant.  How do they know you want the grilled items you ask… well it is a nifty gadget made of wood.  It’s called a cue, half is red and the other half is green.  Now if you are a legal driver you would know that red means stop and green means go.  So we started our journey with the green on the top.  Here we go…

The first on the menu was getting our fillers for the meat.  That would be pasta, rice, mashed potatoes etc...  Let’s not forget the salad bar, pasta salad, very tasty juicy fruits and additional breads.  Trying to get pictures is really a tricky business in itself.  The servers were quick on their feet and quick to move to the next table.  Kinda like catching a picture of Santa Clause.  The server came by and offered us some deep fried bananas (Banana Frita) which I immediately turned down cause I’m leary of fruits being deep fried.  But my husband always wants to try new things so he got a few for us.  Then we got some cheese muffins which I was not a fan of.

Well I must warn you now to hold on to your seats, cause meat is going to rain down on you like clowns in a circus.  With our cue on green we started to get meat on skewers.  First was a Pot Roast… mmmmmm, then something that I wouldn’t think of, Chicken Hearts.  My stomach is turning at the thought.  Well my next tasty favorite was Sirloin.  Now who doesn’t like steak? To make things even better they can customize your eating experience.  Sirlion can either come, medium rare, medium, and well done.  How awesome is that??  Well meat was now halted, we turned over our cue to red.  STOP!!!!  For the love of Pete STOP!!
After about 10 minutes we caught up with all the meat piled high on our plates and continued our experience.  Green!!!  Some meats were seasons interestingly but most of all they were tasty.  Here is another tip, when you place the cue on its side, it means you are done.  But I must say try some dessert if you have room and let me know what you think. 

All and all this place had good food, good service and a great atmosphere.  The only thing that did make me cringe was the price.  I do think it should be lower, perhaps have dessert included in the deal, just a suggestion.  If you have been here and have experiences to share please comment below.
I do have another tip, some customers did say to arrive early on Fridays and Saturay nights.  Apparently this place can get over crowded.  Seeing that this is in American Fork Utah, there is a lack of good restaurants around.  And all the good ones will be packed.  Just a heads up.

Rodizio Grill - American Fork

By Cinemark Theatres, 749 West 100 North, American Fork, UT 84003(801) 763-4946 

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