Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Personal Blog:: Me Day 8/24/11

Well today started off as a "good morning", and went on being.  But as anyone knows, this can't last forever.  Around 11A.M. things started taking a turn for the odd & weird.

Lets see, it started with my calling in my ward.  I have this job in the R.S. that makes me drop Happy Birthday Greetings to Women in the ward.

I'm sure most of them are confused to have a girl with blue hair stop by and say "Happy Birthday".  But there you have it.  I'm hoping the R.S. President didn't make a mistake by asking me to do this job.  I just hope that i'm not scaring away members.  I went by 4 gals houses today and they seemed surprised by my visit.  :)

Today was an offical "Me Day".  A Me Day is a day where I just do whatever flys into my head at that moment.  I guess this is where things started getting strange.  I decided I was going to go shop for shirts at the D.I. in sandy Utah.

This sounds really easy, but when it comes to me, easy is far from reaching.  Well I had been their once before.  And figured I could find it without a doubt.  Well I go on the freeway, and off I went towards SLC.  listening to Lady GaGa and enjoying my moon roof being open.

I do get the occasional stares on the freeway and also shocking looks.  But I'm use to this and just smile and go about my way.  I took a turn 10600 South and proceeded towards the mountain which would be going right.  And started driving and looking.  After about 15 minutes of driving and looking. I decided to look it up on google maps.  Now if you know me, then you know google maps HATES me.  I never get to where I want to go.  I figured time has gone by and google maps can't hate me forever.  So I look up the D.I. address and put it into my google maps.  In no time I was driving towards the D.I. and to shopping heaven.  "Oh Yes! There will be shopping!"  I followed the arrow and drove around for about 20 more minutes.  When I realized I was looking for another D.I. and not the one in Sandy.  "URRRRGGGHHH!!!"  "WHY!!!??!!?"  After yelling at my Android phone, I was happy to see a familiar company.  "The Golden Arches!"

I stopped and got a sweet iced tea.  Not just one, but 3 of them.  I figured I might as well stock up before I go back into the task of finding this place.  I didn't want to be found in my car weeks later dead from thirst.

Needless to say I found it.  Always trust a Golden Arches Employee, and the local gas station to steer you straight.  I found it at last.  Then when I got out of my car I slammed the door with my ipod touch still connected to my Paul Frank headphone.

So as I walked away my head was slinged back to the door.  UGH!  I had to fish out my keys which is another story all together and get out of this mess.  When I was free I didn't forget to do the "rejoice dance" which also brought strange looks.  I headed towards the doors.  I did shop and I did find.

I loved it.  

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