Thursday, September 22, 2011

About Today: Get Organized in 10 Minutes or Less 9/22/11

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
I'm a recent convert to the organized lifestyle, but now I can't go back. Clutter breaks my spirit and makes me feel like things are out of control and that I might actually die, eventually.

Get Organized in 10 Minutes or Less 
I'm convinced that the popularity of home organizing stores is directly tied to people who are trying to feel more control over their lives.
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30 Minute Organizing Projects 
What I've learned is that every project doesn't have to be an hours-long festival of scrubbing and sorting. You can do a lot with a few minutes a day.
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How to Manage Your Mail 
The mail is my nemesis. This is partly because we somehow get all of the catalogues in the world, every day. I think they come twice a day. They might actually just be breeding in the mailbox, I don't know.
Clear Clutter from 8 Hidden Areas 
The second place on this list, the kitchen sink, is definitely a prime clutter spot at our house. I've found cleaners under there that are now illegal in most states.

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