Monday, October 3, 2011

Personal Blog:: I don't belong here - 10/03/11

When dealing with new places and new areas, I always find it hard to be part of it.  I'm very reserved and don't know what to do.  I'm like a wallflower that has blue hair, yet I'm easily hurt and crushed.  I decided to put myself in the line of fire.  I went about thinking that the place that I'm at is where I should be.  Making a decision that I normally wouldn't do, forcing the quiet flower to stand alone in the field.  I didn't like the idea, but the other part of me said things will be fine.  It has been almost a year and I'm in the field with some other flowers.  The other flowers are friendly and seem nice, but under it all, no one wants a blue flower.

I hear that blue flowers are rare, they have much to give, but can tire easily.  Some of them have hidden problems and deep down issues.  But when they bloom and shine, they can be beautiful and special.  Sometimes they give of themselves, and don't ask for in return.  The only problem is blue flowers do need and want some care.  When they see the wind gracefully fly by the other flowers, she just hopes that she can get some notion her way.

The times that hurt the most is when she gives much of her petals and brightness to the other flowers in the field and they don't return the notice of her.  She tries to keep a brillent poise but can't rely on her own strength to stand tall.  She gently weeps in the absence of breeze, and hopes that she can recover in the light.  As the darkness comes, she slowly closes her eyes and rests.  While she slept, her unconsciousness prayed that she can be embraced for her personality and kindness of her heart.

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