Tuesday, November 29, 2011

About Feng Shui: Calm Your Home before Christmas Season 11/29/11

From Rodika Tchi, your Guide to Feng Shui
In this issue please find simple and easy tips to create calm energy in your home before Christmas season. Either you celebrate Christmas or not, December tends to be a stressful month, so do your best to create a calm and nourishing energy in your home.

Calm Your Home with Good Feng Shui Energy 
December is almost here and you know what happens in December. Most of all, you need (and probably want) a calm, calm, calm energy. Really calm. So, before we go into exploring various feng shui tips for decorating a Christmas house, let's first focus on creating calm energy. Read more
Create A Happy Home with Feng Shui 
Feng shui teaches us that everything is energy, and we are in a constant energy exchange with everything around us. Thus, it is it very important to create a feng shui home that has a happy and healthy energy. Read more

Top 8 Feng Shui Cures for Home 
If you have been interested in feng shui for a while, most of these feng shui cures are quite familiar to you. And if you are new to feng shui, most of these feng shui cures are quite familiar to you, too. Find out how these beautiful decor elements can bring great feng shui energy to any home or office. Read more

Feng Shui Tips for Harmony at Home 
Feng shui wisdom places a big importance on the center of your place, also called the Heart of the Home. It is a sacred feng shui energy spot from where all the other energies (called bagua areas) of your home originate. In feng shui terms, each area of your house is connected to a specific area of your life. Read more

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