Sunday, December 18, 2011

Personal Blog:: Living with a strange unknown - 12/18/11

I haven't really been on my blog and have been super lazy.   I have so much to say that it comes and then goes in the blink of an eye.  Then when I go to type it I forget what I was going to talk about.  I do have some things now in my head that I will share with you.  Just and FYI, I always ramble and don't make sense in any fashion.
If you are reading this blog, I should let you know, I'm a bit strange with my ideas.  I often have thoughts wandering thru my head all the time.  Does anyone ever wonder why they have the drive to live everyday?  I think some people are motivated by money, love or family.  I think I'm motivated by seeing what will happen everyday.  I always hear about celebrities doing silly things.  But we personally don't even know them.  But yet we are so involved as to what they do.  When they have a happy event such as a wedding, or a baby we are elated.  I just find them interesting.
I think one celebrity I would like to met is Jason Mraz.  I have been a faithful listener to his music since 1999.  In fact I though we were at one time destine to met and he would fall in love with me.  But now I'm older and wiser, and know he will fall in love with me.  Ha Ha Ha Ha See what I mean, I have silly thoughts.
Today I was in church thinking of our new puppy we got yesterday.  He is a black lab and super small.  She is just off milk and is learning to run around without falling over.  She is peeing every half hour and is being sneaky about it.  She will be a puppy for a long while.  We just got our other black lab to stop peeing and pooping in our house.  I think our new addition will be good.  Since our first lab has been alone and now she has a companion.  But right now she doesn't seem to like the new addition, but she will.

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