Monday, January 2, 2012

Personal Blog:: Superman - 1/02/12

Well I just watched Smallville Season 10.  I am very annoyed and yet I'm sure all of us do when we watch any version of the Superman Franchise.  I am always troubled when I see Clark Kent turn into Superman.  Does he buy glasses and button up shirts in bulk?  Really, I want to understand this. Wouldn't someone in the Daily Planet or people close to him notice his clothes in a pile on the roof top? Or his glasses?  My husband says it is a cheesy Sci-Fy and we should over look the little details.  But I can't really try to overlook it.  It is such a bothersome item to over look.

I do love Superman and have a weakness for super heros with DC Comics, and Marvel.  In fact "Super heroes" is a trademark co-owned  by DC Comics and Marvel Comics. I would love to hear from others on this silly problem I have.

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