Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Personal Blog:: Laugh and Get RIch Day - 2/8/12

Laugh and Get Rich Day (Get Rich or Laugh Trying)

Today, February the 8th, we're taking time out of our very busy and serious schedules to recognize some of the more humorous aspects of life. For example, lets all remember how great and funny it was to watch the Patriots lose their perfect undefeated season. I am sure whoever bet on the Giants was laughing and getting rich at the same time then! In honor of hilarious moments and making money, today has been officially deemed Laugh and Get Rich Day!

Could you possibly think of a better way to spend a day then by laughing and getting rich?
No, neither could I.

So go find something to laugh at, and profit from it, because as far as I am concerned Laugh and Get Rich is more then just a day, its the American Dream. It will never really work in the long run so atleast you've got today to give it a shot!

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