Saturday, December 15, 2012

Personal Blog:: I know I haven't been posting for some years - 12/15/12

I know I haven't been posting for about a year. I have been getting healthy and getting back into society. I couldn't go to bed, I had somethings on my mind. When I heard about the shooting in Connecticut I had an instant yank on my heart. I cried for a good bit. I felt so much pain and anger for the man that did this horrific tragedy. I don't understand why people that are feeling depressed, lonely, or upset have to take the such drastic measure for there pain to be felt by others. I know so many families that have kids and I can't imagine them be here one day then taken the next. It is so selfish and dumb to strike at the heart of a community. Kids shouldn't have to have terror befall them at such a young age. Even now, I keep breaking into tears. When my daughter came home I felt so privileged to have her just walk in the front door. I think I'm a person that sees the many blessing I have. Yes I do get depressed but don't think or do bad things. Families need to realize that kids are the gooey center of our families. Sure they can be sometimes frustrating to deal with. Sure they can be annoying, but enjoy these simple thinks they do, you never know when it would be there. Hug your kids everyday and tell them how you feel. When they go to school pull them aside and tell them without a doubt that they are loved. Make sure when you do hug them they feel that. Don't ever feel like they know. Cause I can guarantee that they need that little extra something before going out into the world. Try and do something with them. My daughter and I will choose a day where we wear animal eared headbands. (mouse, bunny, or cat) Remember to tell yourself, "the heck with what people think" I'm bonding with my kid. Live it up and enjoy life. Your kids will think you are weird, but they will have that memory with them always. I implore you to let your kids know you love them. I am going to keep the families of this tragic day in my heart and prayers. Pass this message on to your friends and families. Share the message of love. Charly

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