Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Personal Blog:: Yikes - 1/28/14

So the big news is out and so far I think it has been accepted by the community that knows me. I know not everyone reads my blog, but the ones that do have spread the news. That is where gossip comes from. Well I had a church activity for moms and daughters. I was kind of worried that seeing people from my ward was going to be unwelcome.  I guess I was waiting for pitch forks and torches. Silly me, I really don’t think many people knew. So I dodged the bullet. I’ve been scared to go to church in case I have an alter go rouge. Tomorrow will be the first time I will go since the New Year happened.  I remember when things seemed complicated before D.I.D. Now that this has happened I have a whole new set of problems. Everyday I’m finding things that bug me. I know this entry is going to be short but I’m hoping that I will be more regular with daily entries.

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