Saturday, December 12, 2015

Maine is ruined.. and it is all my fault!!!! AAAARRRUUGGGGHHH

I moved to Maine to enjoy the wonderful awesomeness that is the winter snow. I moved here in hopes to enjoy looking out my window and seeing snow falling and the calmness that it brings. Well it is Dec 12th 2015 and I'm sad to report that snow has yet to touch the ground that is Maine. WHY??? Now let me step back and explain something to you. I moved to Utah in the hopes that I could give my daughter a wonderful gift of snow. Well we lived there for over 7 years. And the snow came for a the first 4 years then after that something started to happen. It slowed to a halt. Ugh! I love snow!!!! This can't be happening.


Well I have been laying in bed wondering if the earth is punishing me. I don't know for what reason it would be. But it made me leave Utah. Funny thing about Utah is, it is now snowing there. In fact it started to snow in September. It has been snowing ever since. So we move and Utah is released from it curse. Which is me. Well... you're welcome Utah. I hope I didn't put to much of a damper on the Sking industry for these past years. I didn't mean for that to happen. Maine now has to deal with me now.

I haven't been yelling from the roof top that I'm the reason Maine hasn't gotten any snow. In fact I have been hiding in the shadows. Hoping that what ever hates me will think that I moved and it will allow Maine to receive its wonderful bounty. I even went so far as to color my hair to black. Maybe I won't be seen easily. Maybe the powers that be will overlook me and move forward with winter. I really want to enjoy Christmas with snow as it falls to the ground. I don't think that is much to ask. I mean this is Maine. Snow is part of its culture. So come on, let it snow!!!


  1. I seem to like snow as much a you do. In fact I'm going skiing in Italy in March, keep up the good work I've bookmarked you.

    (Shameless plug)